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Kmar Mechanical is a leading provider of indoor comfort systems and comprehensive service solutions. Its offerings include energy efficient air conditioning systems, top-notch service and support, Each system or solution is designed to meet the specific needs of our residential and commercial customers.

Reliable Bryant Air Conditioners

These days’ air conditioners are in high demand and they are also one of the most fast selling products in the markets merely because of the rise in temperatures which seem to be soaring day by day.  People use it to the fullest to feel comfortable and cool during the summer months in particular. air conditioners find themselves useful practically everywhere be it in homes ,  in offices ,  in health clubs ,  in restaurants ,  in hotels ,  in supermarkets ,   in shops and even in public transportation like busses ,  trains ,  cars and planes .

Bryant Air Conditioners are both manufactured and marketed by Bryant, one of the leading providers of cooling units in the world.  The organization has been improving indoor comfort of customers for over hundred years now.  Bryant air conditioners consistently meet and exceed customer expectations under numerous conditions at competitive prices. Thus, they are preferred by several customers to fulfill their air conditioning needs.

The most important reasons why Bryant air conditioners make a good are…

High Energy Efficient: Some models from the evolution series have an energy efficient rating of up to 20 SEER thus making them extremely energy efficient as the SEER rating indirectly proportional to the amount of power which is consumed.  Since these units use less power and have lower SEER rating over a period of time they also result in huge savings on your electricity bills.

Humidity Control: During the summer the humidity level is almost always on a higher side having a massive impact on the overall indoor environment.  These air conditioners are equipped with built in dehumidifiers which remove the excess moisture from the air and which also drains it through the pipe thereby creating a healthy indoor environment.

Environment Friendly: All air conditioners need a refrigerant which helps to cool the hot air and in turn gives out cool air.  A number of organizations use cheap refrigerants which deplete the ozone layer of the atmosphere and making us susceptible to harmful ultra violet rays.  Bryant Air Conditioners are different because they use puron as a refrigerant and puron is environmental friendly without affecting the ozone layer.

Low Noise: Many high performing air conditioners give out a lot of noise while operation sometimes causing so much disturbance that it creates a disturbance on Individual sleeping patterns.  But these air conditioners are specially designed to give very low noise sometimes as low as 68 decibels as they are equipped with sound reducing features in the fan system and in the cabinet.

Ease of Maintenance and Prolonged Life: Bryant Air Conditioners are very easy to maintain and service since they have 23 check points allowing the technician to see at a glance what is wrong with the unit. More over these units also come equipped with Dura Guard plus innovations protecting them from elements of nature for a prolonged life.

With all these benefits these units have become extremely popular with customers around the world.