K-mar is a factory authorized Bryant heating and air conditioning dealer for over 10 years. We supply and install high efficiency forced air gas furnaces in residential and commercial applications in Manitoba. Our service personnel and  installers are all certified, licensed gas fitters  by the Manitoba government.  From start to finish we can make your home or office a more comfortable and  efficient place  to be.

Cost Saving Bryant Furnaces

Charles Bryant started a tradition way back in 1904.  It went way beyond providing outstanding heating and cooling systems which lives on even today.  Bryant’s main aim was to create products which are experienced those which can be trusted and also which makes homes more comfortable.  From the time it came into being till date Bryant has varied and extensive hard working products like air conditioners ,  gas and oil furnaces ,  fan coils , boilers ,  heat pumps ,  humidifiers ,  ventilators and other quality accessories . From Charles Bryant’s early gas fire boilers to today’s sophisticated home comfort systems Bryant’s standard for quality has remained the same as promised providing dependable and worry free ,  stress free and hassle free comfort all the time .

Bryant Furnaces are one of the most reputable types of furnaces in the market.  There are two types of furnaces which Bryant has in the market. These are gas furnaces and oil furnaces.

Gas Furnaces: Bryant has three lines of gas furnaces which are the evolution system, preferred series and the legacy line.  Each of these gas furnaces has different models such as the evolution system lines are Plus 80v, Plus 95s furnaces.  The preferred series feature Plus 95i and Plus 80t furnaces and the legacy line features the Plus 90 and the Plus 80 furnaces.

Oil Furnaces: Oil Furnaces provide fuel efficiency and clean burning performance. There are two types of oil furnaces which come under the Bryant furnace product line and they are the preferred series 80 and the legacy line.

There are many features and benefits of the different types of Bryant furnaces.

Features: Bryant Furnaces come with a great variety and an array of features.  Perfect Heat is Bryant’s trademarked name since it has two stages of heating to battle change in winter conditions.  Perfect Sence is yet another unique feature providing modulating heat to deal with variable winter conditions.  Perfect Light yet another distinguished feature uses and advanced ignition system to replace the standard pilot lights.
Benefits: Bryant Furnaces have some of the lowest AFEU ratings in the industry.  Every Bryant Furnace has an AFEU rating over 80 as well as eight product lines with an AFEU rating over 90.  Generally it is said the higher the number the more efficient the furnace.  This is perhaps the greatest benefit of Bryant Furnaces as they are cost saving.

All Bryant Products give great customer satisfaction in terms of quality ,  usability , dependability ,  service and durability and this is probably why they are so popular ,  so fast selling and so much in demand as one can never go wrong in terms of experience and trust with Bryant products in their homes . So next time you are considering a new furnace for your home consider looking out for the Bryant range of furnaces and you can be rest assured that you will never be disappointed. This is simply because you will never face any problems with it.